Job Description

Our Mission Statement:

Mountain View Child Care, Inc./Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to enriching the health and quality of life of children with medical and developmental needs and who benefit from habilitation and rehabilitation services and the supportive use of technology. We are committed to meeting their medical, physical, developmental, social, psychological and spiritual needs through a blend of tenderness and expertise.

Job Summary:

2 positions available (3:30pm - 11:30pm & 11:30pm - 7:30am)

This position provides for the maintenance of a clean and odor free environment within the facility.

 High school diploma is a plus.

Perform the duties and tasks as outlined in the Housekeeping/Janitorial policy and procedure manual to include:

  • Empty and clean trash cans, and recycle bins
  • Sweep, mop, strip and buff all floors                                           
  • Clean carpet
  • Clean glass windows
  • Strip, wax and buff floors
  • Clean light fixtures, A/C vents, and curtain tracks
  • Dispose of bio-hazardous waste in the appropriate manner 
  • Perform light maintenance duties where applicable.
  • Re-stock soap and paper towel dispensers and dispense other janitorial supplies
  • Assist with delivery and storage of housekeeping supplies, diapers, and formula.
  • Assist with pick-up of hazardous waste products
  • Other duties as assigned

Physical Requirements: 

 Must be able to crouch /stoop as required.

  1. Lifting Requirements: Must be capable of lifting or carrying objects that weigh up to 30 pounds.
  2. Must be able to discern colors.       
  3. Physical skills necessary to operate all equipment: must be able to stand, reach in all directions, lift and carry objects. Must have fine motor skills.
  4. Must have 20/20 vision (correction devices allowed) and be able to appropriately read patient information, posted materials and other written information.
  5. Must hear (correctional devices allowed) and comprehend well enough to give and receive information for appropriate completion of duties.
  6. Must be able to speak, read, write and listen in English with a skill level essential for communication in a sub-acute facility.
  7. Must have normal physical stamina.
  8. Must be able to pull or push 100 pounds.
  9. Must be able to bend and twist.   
  10. Must have full use of both hands.
  11. Must be able to walk intermittently, six to ten hours per shift.

Work Schedule: Rotating schedule 8 hr. shifts